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Elections in South Africa 1999


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'a widely respected authority on the Commonwealth', John Dickie, The New Mandarins: How British Foreign Policy Works, London 2004, pp 185-6

  • a think-tank for the Commonwealth of 53 nations
  • fulfils its mission primarily through ongoing programmes for externally funded research projects, a series of events, and an extensive body of briefings and publications
  • head office in London
  • aims to be present throughout the Commonwealth, working wherever possible with people and agencies in local communities

CPSU's mission is :

  • to act as a think-tank for the entire Commonwealth
  • to stimulate debate, enquiry, and the sharing of ideas and information across the Commonwealth
  • to conduct a wide range of first class policy studies on issues of wide concern
  • to raise the quality of policy-making by governments, inter-governmental orgnisations, business and civil society and local communities

About the Commonwealth:

What's New?
updated: October 8, 2007

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The Commonwealth Finance Ministers Policy Brief - view the brief

'In search of the new Secretary General of the Commonwealth: the McKinnon era reviewed and the prospective candidates assessed'

"Kampala's Commonwealth Summit: A briefing on issues before the leaders in Kampala in November 2007"

All Seminars are held at CPSU
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The CPSU and the Ramphal Centre

The CPSU is supporting the establishment of the Ramphal Centre for Commonwealth Policy Studies which will in due course take over the work of the CPSU. The Ramphal Centre is an independent charity and non-profit company, which is launching a major fundraising campaign. It is named, with permission, for Sir Shridath Ramphal, Commonwealth Secretary-General, 1975- 1990.

In addition to a centre in London, the Ramphal Centre envisages the appointment of Ramphal Fellows at academic and policy institutions around the Commonwealth. Details of the campaign and the proposals, as they develop, will be posted on a dedicated website at http://www.ramphalcentre.org

Commonwealth Day calendar and posters - produced by the Commonwealth Clubs in Secondary Schools project, with the Commonwealth Foundation and the Department for Education and Skills. More details of the winning entries in the poster competition can be found on the Commonwealth Clubs project page.

A display of posters received can be viewed from:

Annual Report 2006: Our new Development Plan. The CPSU's Advisory Board met on 12 July 2006. It received the Annual Report for 2006. Perhaps the most important decision made was to approve a seven year rolling Development Plan for the CPSU a summary of which can be downloaded from this link. The plan centres on the New Projects Programme and identifies 8 key objectives for the CPSU in the coming years

Recent publications and reports:

Putting Youth Engagement into Practice: a Toolkit for Action, Steve Mokwena edited by Susanna Darch, published by the Commonwealth Secretariat, November 2006

2006 Commonwealth Education Ministers' Meeting, CPSU Policy Brief 21, Kimberly Ochs, November 2006